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State & Government Equipment Program Details

Alliance Funding Group offers rapid delivery for flexible municipal leases, allowing state and government entities to attain funding for critical projects. With extensive experience providing these leases to leading government entities, we are your top choice to find an appropriate option with flexible payment terms.
State & Government Equipment

Program Options

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    Fast Delivery Municipal leases can be approved much more quickly than other types of financing options, allowing projects to get underway.
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    Flexible Terms The ability to choose from a variety of flexible repayment terms that are convenient for your organization.
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    Lease crucial equipment with zero down for most payment plans. However, choosing a down payment can lower long-term financing costs for the lessee.
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    Buy Outs: Fair Market Value, $1, 10%, Balloon Payment
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    $1 Buyout Purchase equipment with a $1 buyout at the end of the lease term.
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    Tax Exemptions The equipment title usually stays with the lessee in order for tax exemptions to apply.
All state & government equipment considered

Alliance Funding structures financing with the state & local government process in mind

  • Computers and Software

  • Office Equipment

  • Surveillance Equipment

  • Vehicles and Accessories

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Heat/Air Conditioning Equipment

  • Refuse Equipment

  • Telephone and Communications Equipment

  • Modular Structures

  • Energy Management Equipment

  • IT Equipment

  • & More

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    Fill out the quick 1 page credit application

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    An approval is issued within 24 hours

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    100% of the equipment is funded, and the equipment is delivered.

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