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Equipment Leasing

First Amendment Lease Structure

The First Amendment Lease Structure The first amendment lease structure is often a good option if you are purchasing heavy equipment as it allows you to have the option to purchase the equipment outright at var...

Working Capital

Working Capital Loan: Does my business need one?

How to Figure Out If You Need a Working Capital Loan A Working capital loan is a term that essentially refers to current assets minus current liabilities. It’s a measure of your operational efficiency and fina...

Equipment Leasing

Capital lease and operating lease comparison

Comparing a Capital and Operating Lease Deciding to lease equipment for your business is a common option, but there are many lease structures to choose from, including the capital lease and operating lease. Bel...

Equipment Leasing

Leasing Equipment: 4 Things to Consider

4 Things to Consider When Leasing Equipment The choice of leasing equipment or buying equipment for your business is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Both options come with distinct pros and cons. Bel...