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Alliance Funding Group Expands Into Federal Financing; Funds Initial Transaction.

TUSTIN, Calif., November 20, 2019 ( – Alliance Funding Group (“AFG”), in collaboration with a prime contractor and AFG’s investor, completed funding of an approximate $4.8 million multi-funct...

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What is a Municipal Lease?

Municipal Lease Purchase The IRS requires these transactions be a) a lease to ownership plan (installment purchase); b) for equipment that is essential to the government function; and c) have no significant res...

truck leasing
Equipment Leasing

Leasing a Truck vs. Buying

Considering Leasing a truck over buying? If you work in the transportation or logistics industry, as an owner-operator, contractor or business owner, there often comes a time in which you need to consider leasi...

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Equipment Leasing Benefits

3 Equipment Leasing Benefits Leasing can save your business in many ways and ensure that you have new equipment to build it up. Relying on purchasing used or outdated equipment just isn’t an option for many bus...