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Preparing Business Taxes, Paying with Unsecured Working Capital
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Why Use a Working Capital Loan to Pay Your Tax Balance?

There is no other way to put it. We all have to pay taxes every April. This year, there are talks of the tax season being pushed back due to the disease outbreak. Even though the government is trying to help bu...

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Working Capital

Is Interest Expense Tax-Deductible?

Business loans are powerful tools that allow companies to improve their services, acquire better equipment, and sustain through slow periods. Simply put, a loan can be used to cover a large variety of expenses....

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What is Working Capital?

Working capital — the money used to cover daily spending. Keeping track of the assets that can be put toward immediate expenses is essential for any successful business.Maintaining steady and consistent cas...

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Alliance Funding Group Expands Into Federal Financing; Funds Initial Transaction.

TUSTIN, Calif., November 20, 2019 ( – Alliance Funding Group (“AFG”), in collaboration with a prime contractor and AFG’s investor, completed funding of an approximate $4.8 million multi-funct...