Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing vs. Loan
Equipment Leasing

Lease vs. Loan

Choosing the right financial product for your business needs is crucial in order to stay on budget. In this article, you will find the most important differences between a bank loan and a lease. A ...

medical equipment leasing
Equipment Leasing

Why is Medical Equipment Leasing Worth $130 Billion?

The American healthcare industry is a large part of our economy, yet it also faces financial challenges. With the evergrowing competition in the space, hospitals and local clinics need to keep th...

private-party sale truck financing
Equipment Leasing Quick Tips

Buying Equipment from a Private-Party

Buying equipment in a private-party sale can offer a cost-effective way to get what you require to run your business. You can save money on dealer fees, delivery charges and, most importantly, the margin vendor...

2020 Section 179 Tax Deduction
Equipment Leasing Quick Tips

Section 179 Yearly Tax Deduction

What is Section 179 Tax Deduction? Section 179 of the United States Internal Revenue Code is a tax deduction that enables businesses to depreciate assets as an expense in the first year or the year they purc...